About Us


image Our main focus is to safely and efficiently reclaim and repurpose prime lumber. We are beautifying the prairie landscape by removing unsightly, dilapidated structures and creating a safer environment: avert fire hazards; remove rusty nails; eliminate rats and other critter dens. Recycling wood produces prime lumber for building and reduces deforestation.

To reclaim high quality premium lumber for flooring, feature walls for construction to suppliers, builders and direct to consumers.

Our method of deconstruction allows for modules in complete four-walled sections that can be easily converted for cabins or other structures.



Our Track Record

We use safe lifting techniques and processing wood on the ground to reduce injuries to workers. Fewer lifts will mean less chance of dropping materials. Heavier lifts using stabilizers will result in more control of material in the air. By providing this deconstruction service for our clients, the liability for building collapses; fires; and rodent infestation is eliminated.